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We put a copy of the schedule of Wishes timing on the fridge whilst we are in residence so we can walk out and watch from the pool deck. And don't forget, we have copy of the Wishes soundtrack here in the house if you want to slip out and with the fireworks from the pool deck.

We thought you might get a kick out of knowing where some of the Disney Artifacts came from that are spread throughout the house. We spent YEARS searching and tracking down these items. But sometimes, it was just being at the right place at the right time (things are meant to be sometimes)! Items came from estate sales, Disney auctions, warehouse sales, as well as a company that specializes in Disney memorabilia.

  • Our favorite pieces in the house are the two silhouettes of Mickey and Minnie, over by the second master bedroom. They came from the estate of an early Disney Imagineer. They were actually displayed in the Main Street Silhouette Studio at Disneyland California for years.
  • The large figures all over the house (as well as the gold Mickey over the sofa) were all used as props in Disney stores all over the country -- these took years to gather
  • The original animation art of Pooh and Tigger, et al, over the sofa as well as the original animation art on the children's bathroom was from the movie "Springtime with Roo"
  • The Dopey and Grumpy Animation art over the sofa was on display at The Disneyland Resort in California.
  • In the Great room all the Durrstein artwork (stylized Mickey and friends) in blond frames were hung at The Disneyland Resort.
  • The original art in the foyer was from a Winnie the Pooh book
  • The 102 Dalmatians framed pictures were actual original artwork for possible advertising for the campaign to launch the movie. These were just several of the ads proposed for the movie launch
  • The original artwork in the Mickey room featuring Small World art was from the 1960's. The movie posters in that room were displayed at Disneyland as well as The Disneyland hotel. The County Fair was used in Displayed Park.
  • The two single beds and the dresser in the Safari room were actual prototypes built for The Animal Kingdom Lodge. The bedspreads in that room were brand new, but never used from the old Disney Institute.
  • The birdcage in the kitchen was on display in The Grand Floridian lobby.
  • Conquering the Mouse Maze" poster was a Disney employee training poster.
  • The Mickey Mouse Club Talent award is an original from the old show but never used.
  • The Mickey dessert plates in the kitchen were old stock from a restaurant at Disney (aka MGM) Hollywood Studios and never used.
  • In the garage, the pig was son display in The Magic Kingdom and the Pluto was from a Disney Store display.
  • The luggage racks and the floor lamp came from The Grand Floridian (but we had them redone).
  • Even the bright green planter around the live oak tree on the front of the house was used at The Animal Kingdom Park.
  • Non Disney related, the original oils in the kitchen were done by various GA artists. The dining chairs all date from 1820's to 1840's, and we hauled them all down from New England for the house. The kitchen table dates from the 1840's as well. The child's table and chairs is a 1940's set. The chandelier over the kitchen table came from a Virginia Estate. The outdoor artwork was made by hand in Haiti.
  • The red sofa in the living room is down filled and made to fit the living room. The antique rattan sofa was custom made in Puerto Rico and all new down spring filled cushions and covers made for it. The large lamp in the corner of the living room is Native American.
  • Prints in the Safari room came all the way from New Zealand and are from a period Zoological book. The masks in the Safari Room are tribal art from Africa.
  • The bedspreads in the both masters are (washable) silks, as are the drapes. The drapes in the master bath are actually made from old Saris.
  • The artwork in the blue master bedroom includes some wonderful old French Vegetable prints, original watercolors from the 50's -- French transfer ware plates from the 1880's -- Antique framed carvings from Bali, circa the 1700s, and a collection of antique Chinese baskets.
  • In the burgundy master bedroom, there are Battersea Majolica Crab and Lobster Plates, hand colored Antique Fish Lithographs, Hand hammered scones and mirrors, and a collection of beautiful framed shells. The silver lamps are antiques from an Estate in Maryland.
  • The tiles around he fireplace were made in the Bucks County, PA Moravian Tile factory that has been in business for well over a 100 years, making the same tile with same painstaking hand crafted methods. more info
  • All sheets, towels, and monogrammed robes are from the Italian hotel supplier, Anichini. The soaps are from Hermes. Featherbed, down and foam pillows complete the rooms.
  • Bed configuration...
    • Master One: King
    • Master Two: King
    • Safari Room: Two Twins
    • Mickey Room: One Double, One Twin
  • And Yes, each room has its own TV with either a DVD and/or VCR
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