Sample Dog Addendum

This addendum is mostly a compilation of common-sense items. Most "dog people" would follow these without even thinking about it. However, we have discovered with human rentals, to take nothing for granted. (For instance, it never occurred to me to leave a note saying, "If you spill coffee all over the kitchen cabinets, please clean it up." But lo and behold, somebody did spill coffee everywhere and didn't clean it up, and all the cabinets are stained beyond redemption and have to be repainted!) We don't want to scare anyone off- this is a fabulous place for dogs and their humans (Freeman adores it here and caring for him here is a breeze), but we'd rather err on the side of giving too much information and advice versus not telling you everything we can possibly imagine! So, we've compiled this list especially for those bringing the 4-legged family member.

1. Piddle Pads / Incontinence: If your dog uses piddle pads or is incontinent, this rental is not for you. In the course of three months, we had to replace all the rugs in the rental three times! If your dog damages a rug/carpet and/or rug pad, you agree to pay all additional costs to replace (or clean if possible) the rug/carpet and/or rug pad.

2. Flea Prevention: In regards to fleas, we have scheduled monthly pest control. It is not because your dog is dirty or ill-kept. (If you want to bring the dog with you on vacation, you are the type that is probably meticulous with your animal.) It is just that down here, very few, if any hard freezes, plus the type of soil and vegetation, make it absolutely ideal conditions for flea infestations in beach houses. We have hardwood floors (with small, thin, antique Orientals scattered about) to try and keep maintenance as simple as possible, but fleas can even get in floor cracks. (Rest assured, the house will be treated after each and every dog stay, so you won't have a problem when you come.) You may want to discuss your current flea prevention with your veterinarian and tell him or her where you are coming and get that professional advice for your dog.

3. Leash: Please keep your dog on a leash around town. a) We want to be good neighbors, and while most people adore dogs, there are some folks that are scared to death of them, and even your friendly, lovable, wouldn't-hurt-a-fly canine can be frightening to those folks, b) Please don't leave the dog in the yard unattended-Please keep an eye on him/her when they are out there playing or what have you---please don't leave them in the yard alone whilst you go out. c) There are gentlemen from the landscaping department that come in to the yard to take care of the garden and yard. You never know when they might be there, so keeping an eye on the dog in the yard helps avoid unexpected encounters (but the yard men are very very nice).

4. Waste: Please clean up after your dog, whether you are in the yard or on a walk. We provide plenty of blue doggie waste bags in small plastic capsules that fit right in your pocket for your use while you are here. The yard is mostly pine straw, pretty grass, and flowerbeds. Obviously, please keep the dog out of the flowerbeds, but dogs seem to take to both defecating and urinating in the pine straw or grass very well. It is also easy to clean up that way. You should always put out the accumulated pile of used blue bags for the trash man the night before he is due in another garbage bad in the trash container. Anyway, the schedule for trash pick-up is in the kitchen in The Idyll Mouse Four. (By the way, there are plenty of White Hefty Cinch Garbage Bags under the kitchen sink. You should place any used blue bags in one of the larger white trash bags before leaving them out for trash pick-up.) The garbage can is located on the side of the house, AWAY from the parking area. In all cases you must clean up after your dog in the yard and on walks. Please don't abuse the privilege of being able to bring your dog with you. We know how much this can mean to folks, and we really want to be able to keep this going. If the next guest complains of dog waste in the yard, it will be very hard to keep this privilege going.

5. Puppy Sheets / Protecting Furniture: If your dog is enough a member of the family to come on vacation, there is a very good chance that he or she likes to sleep in bed with you or get up on the furniture to nap. (I think most dogs find a favorite soft spot to snooze away the days while the humans in their life work to in order to buy them dog bones and take them on vacation.) All we ask is that you thoroughly cover any and all areas of any beds and furniture that the dog likes to sleep or nap on with a "puppy sheet." We define a puppy sheet as an old blanket or sheet that is perfect to protect furniture and easy to shake out and wash frequently. There is a large pile of puppy sheets in the master bedroom closet for this use. (We have discovered here that if we brush Freeman more frequently and really shake, wash, or whatever is appropriate, the sand out of his fur, it keeps the house much cleaner.) There are two different kinds of upright vacuums in the living room bedroom closet, a Dust Buster upstairs, and small and large brooms in the pantry, should you need to get up any sand (from human and dog) as your vacation progresses. There is an outside wash/shower with a hose to clean up after the beach for two and four legged visitors--We also provide basket full of marked "puppy towels" for your use after washing or hosing off the pup.

6. No unattended pets: Please don't leave your dog unattended on the screen porches. When we were moving into our Seaside, Florida house, I had Freeman out on the screened porch by the Master Bedroom. I had all the bedroom doors open and he was right in my eyesight, about three feet away. I turned around to hang a picture, and - wham- there was the sound of Freeman trying to go right out through the screen, and I do mean through the screen. I caught sight of a delighted little fox, whizzing back into the dunes. The fox had obviously come out and taunted Freeman (I've seen it happen with our foxes back in Maryland.) Now Freeman is a very good dog, but even he couldn't resist that fox sticking his tongue out at him. So, the moral of my anecdote is that although the fox has not taunted Freeman in 15 months, it would be safer not to leave your dog unattended on the screened porch. (Freeman is out there with us constantly, but we don't leave him out there alone if we are going out of the house for an extended period.) Also, each screened porch has a hook and eye for closures- . You should consider keeping it locked while the dog is on the porch at all times. Why? Believe it or not, I have known dogs that know how to open screen doors on their own.

7. Dog Fee: We now have new managers so we no longer have to take the house off the market for an extra day! All we ask is for a $25/day fee ($75 minimum) for treating the house after a dog stay.

8. Barking: Everyone here is on vacation, so please don't let your dog bark constantly and annoy anyone. We all want to be good neighbors.

9. Yard Time: Please keep the waste cleaned up during your stay.

10. Washing your Dog: If you need to wash your dog, please do so outside. It is not appropriate to wash your dog inside the house.

Thanks for your patience with all of our detailed items. We truly want everyone to relax and enjoy their vacations- 2 and 4 legged! We often find it helps to have questions answered ahead of time, so folks aren't left wondering if they are doing the right thing. Enjoy your vacation!

The undersigned has read and agrees to abide by the terms, rules and regulations of this Dog Addendum.

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